Women often fall into soul-sucking patterned traps of too much sacrifice in their relationships, health, and finances. Anxiety, depression, feeling broke and broken, are often the result.

Michele Paiva, Licensed Psychotherapist, Neuromarketing Strategist, Finance Therapist.

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The Moneyfesto

Money Mavens need a new manifesto to get the mojo going. Take a look at the “moneyfesto” and see if it inspires you, fires you up, gives you hope…

The Moneyfesto

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The newly launched Money Maven Podcast is for anyone but speaks to the heart of women who ache for a new life or improved life and lifestyle.

The Podcast & YouTube

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Coming soon! It’s a combination of self-help, inspiration, motivation, strategies, stories, and all things women who are mavens.



Welcome friend.

I’m Michele, a Licensed Psychotherapist, and Neuromarketing Strategist focusing on Finance Therapy and helping others get the life that they desire.

Calling all writers and storytellers

I am looking for captivating writers and storytellers; while you do not have to be female, my audience is mainly female so please keep that in mind.

When is enough, enough?

you may feel that you have enough but really take a look at your relationships in the quality of your relationships and your relationship with money your relationship with other peoples relationship w…

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Here’s what I’m looking for: Women who work in finance industries (insurance, banking, investing)Women with (or had) money struggles who want to share their storyLicensed psychologists and therapis…

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Love. Money. Lifestyle.

Weekly Tips to help you increase your self-worth & net-worth